Dr. Christopher C. Irving

Dr. Christopher C. Irving

Bio: Following the completion of my Masters Degree in Public Policy and International Affairs, Chris started a small consulting group called the Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America based out of Bloomfield, NJ. The Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America(CMI) is one of America’s most innovative leadership and diversity training non-profit organizations. Dedicated to the cause of social justice and leadership development, CMI programs empower its participants to function more effectively as people and communities.

Over the course of the last seven years, CMI has worked with primary, secondary, and higher education institutions, as well as public and private community-based organizations. Training’s by myself and other CMI trainers have also been conducted inside the work place as well. Most recently the focus of CMI’s work has been on the topic of Bullying in schools and creating more positive climates for children. The Anti-Bullying Initiative now includes the states of New Jersey, Illinois, Iowa, and Maryland. Chris Irving is born and raised in Paterson, NJ and is a proud product of the Paterson Public Schools. He holds a BA in Political Science from Ramapo College and a MA in Public Policy and International Affairs from William Paterson University and his Doctorate from Seton Hall University in 2016. In April 2010 Chris was elected to the Paterson, NJ School Board serving a three year term and re-elected in April 2013 and November 2016.

Leadership Reloaded: Skills for Effective Student Leaders
Workshop Level: Beginner

This interactive workshop will explore the different skills needed for collegiate women student leaders to become elements of social change on their campus. Through a series of experiential activities the participants will work to establish an understanding of the “Relational Leadership” approach. The Relational Leadership training centers around a T.E.A.M. approach to group successes. Participants understand how their interactions and relationships with each other have a large impact on their organization and the campus community.

Change Agents:  Using Diversity to Empower Student Leaders

Far too many students on our campuses have to confront bias, discrimination, and prejudice on a daily basis. This workshop will involve different techniques that student leaders can utilize to recognize issues of diversity within their college community. The participants will also be given the opportunity to learn how to effectively speak out against different forms of discrimination with administrators, faculty, and staff.